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Key Points in Finishing the Basement of Your Private House

Almost every second private house is equipped with a basement. Many leave it the role of a utility room, garage or cellar, without thinking about the fact that there are additional square meters in it that can benefit.

Show a little imagination, pick up a nice basement design, and you can turn it into a spacious and functional room. And do not forget to make search according to the request “Вasement Finishing Contractors Near Me

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Options for your basement

Here are some ideas for converting a basement into a cosy and useful living space:

  • As a connoisseur of good wine, you can equip a special wine cellar with a large number of shelves and wooden tubs in the basement of your private house.
  • A good ventilation system will allow you to organize a gym in the lower part of the house. If the area allows, the space can be divided into zones using partitions. Next to the gym, you can place a small swimming pool or a children’s playroom.
  • Avid party-goers can put a bar in the basement, cover the walls with noise-insulating material, install a high-quality audio system and invite guests at least every day. A light music and a disco ball will turn this room into a real mini-club.
  • Movie-goers and gamers will be pleased with the media centre arranged in the basement. You can hang a large screen on the wall, put a game console next to it, and hang three-way speakers around the perimeter of the room. The free space can be filled with comfortable armchairs, sofas and low tables, and the floor can be covered with a warm and fluffy carpet. This room will turn into the most favorite place in the house.
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So, if you are inspired by the ideas of remodelling your basement, it remains to make a request “Basement Finishing Contractors Near Me” and choose your contractor.

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